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Germany’s Bundesbank has asked the country’s president, Christian Wulff, to dismiss board member Thilo Sarrazin for his remarks about Muslims and Jews.

Sarrazin suggests in his new book ‘Germany Abolishes Itself’ that Muslim immigrants are incapable of integrating in Europe and that Jews all share a particular gene.

“The board of the Bundesbank (German Central Bank) unanimously decided today to make a request to the German president to dismiss Dr Thilo Sarrazin,” Bundesbank chief Axel Weber told reporters.

The bank’s six board members are all appointed by the government but only the German president can sack them.

It is a step that has never been taken before.

Sarrazin’s book has since shot up to the top of the bestsellers list.

In his work, the 65-year-old economist argues that Muslims are undermining German society, sponging off the state and will eventually swamp the country.

Germany has more than four million Muslims, most of them of Turkish origin.

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