English Defence League protest turns ugly

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English Defence League protest turns ugly

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Violence has flared in the northern English city of Bradford at a right-wing rally.

Bottles, stones and a smoke bomb were all thrown as riot police battled to keep rival protesters apart during the heated demonstration.

Police penned in some 700 members of the English Defence League, who had gathered to protest against radical Islam.

Only a few metres away rival Unite Against Fascism supporters held their own counter protest.

In all, five people were arrested with one EDL supporter reportedly suffering leg injuries.

The scene of Britain’s worst race riots 20 years ago, earlier this month, Home Secretary Theresa May ordered a blanket ban on marches in Bradford.

The measure, however, didn’t cover static protests.

Slowly growing in support, the English Defence League sprang up last year after a small group of Muslims staged a protest in Luton, near London, against British soldiers returning from duty in Iraq.