Evacuations continue in Pakistan while others return home

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Evacuations continue in Pakistan while others return home

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Fields remain under water, and livelihoods ruined but thousands of people in the Punjab province have been trying to return home.

The army has been repairing roads as trucks start to bring people back. They crowd into the vehicles with the few possessions they managed to rescue from the rising waters weeks ago.

But there is no easy road ahead for these people. getting aid through remains a major task and their daily struggle is dominated by many questions.

Shoakat Hussain is a farmer with five children.

“The government should give to everyone but give equally. With help we can rebuild our homes. The cold season is coming, where will we live? There is no medicine or a proper system to provide water and food,” he said.

In Thatta city in the south people continue to flee from fresh flooding made worse as high tides in the Arabian Sea push up the Indus river.

On the road out of Thatta they prepared to leave. 300,000 people have been forced to gather what they can and crowd into buses or onto carts.

It is a scene which has been played out across Sindh Province in the last 48 hours in which time its reckoned up to a million have been displaced.