Stuttgart train station could derail Merkel's CDU

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Stuttgart train station could derail Merkel's CDU

Stuttgart train station could derail Merkel's CDU
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Thousands of people have gathered in Stuttgart, Germany to protest against plans to revamp its landmark train station.

The protesters formed a human chain to voice their opposition to one of Germany’s biggest-ever building projects.

The 4-billion-euro plan could cost Chancellor Angela Merkel’s ruling Christian Democrats (CDU) dear in a regional election there this March.

The CDU has controlled the Baden-Wuerttemberg state for more than fifty years.

But the centre-right group is currently trailing the Social Democrats and the Greens in local opinion polls.

A survey published this week in local newspaper Stuttgarter Nachrichten showed 63 percent of the city’s residents were against the project.

Just 26 percent of residents support it.

City officials want to modernise the station to cut travel times and allow developers to build on unused land.

Under the proposals, the current terminus station will be bulldozed and converted into an underground through station.

Yet critics say the project does not provide value for money.

They argue costs could rise to as much as 10 billion euros, leading to higher ticket prices.