Pakistan evacuates three cities at risk from floods

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Pakistan evacuates three cities at risk from floods

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A further 400,000 people have been told to leave their homes in the south of Pakistan as floods sweep down from the north.

The UN estimates some 17 million people have been affected by the floods.

Some three million hectares of farmland has also been destroyed, with crops of rice, cotton, maize and sugarcane ruined.

Three cities in the Sindh province are being evacuated.

Around five million Pakistanis have been left with no homes and nowhere to go, refugees in their own country.

One woman said: “We have fled from the floods. We have nothing left. We have been here for three or four days and we are hungry. Nobody is even looking at us. We have had no food the whole day. We are dying of hunger. I have six children.”

The army is handing out some food, but more is desperately needed. As are tents or other forms of shelter.

And according to a US official the Pakistani Taliban has threatened to attack foreigners helping with the relief efforts.

Worldwide around 550 million euros have pledged towards aid efforts.