New multi-faith group backs Ground Zero mosque

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New multi-faith group backs Ground Zero mosque

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The controversy surrounding a planned Muslim cultural centre near the site of Ground Zero has taken another turn with the creation of a new pro coalition for the project.

More than 40 religious and civic groups have formed “New York Neighbors for American Values”, which aims to promote religious tolerance and freedom of worship.

Rabbi Arthur Waskow summed up their feelings:
“It is not only that Cordoba House has a constitutional right to create a cultural centre in lower Manhattan, it is that it is right, it is wise for them to do that. Because by doing that they light a beacon to new York City, to America, to the world,” he said.

The plan has provoked anger among many Americans with polls saying 60 per cent are against it being built so near where Islamic terrorists killed nearly 3,000 people, including Muslims, in the September 11 attacks.