France sends more Roma home

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France sends more Roma home

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As French and Romanian politicians discussed the Roma situation in Paris, a further 250 Roma were being sent back home.

They left via the Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport and the remainder flew from Lyon on planes specially chartered from the Romanian company Blue Air, bound for Bucharest.

The departures were monitored by police but passed off calmly.

Last night a group of 13 people arrived in the Bulgarian capital, Sofia. Among them were five children.

A journalist at the airport asked one arrival if she had been given any help to return home.

“Of course we were, they helped us in the most civilized way possible,” she replied.

Asked whether she would go back to France she said: “We will see what the attitude towards us is here in Bulgaria. If we are not happy with it, maybe.”

The Bulgarian Foreign Ministry has confirmed more arrivals are scheduled for September 10 and 17. The total number is not expected to exceed 50 people.