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Hong Kong angry over botched siege rescue


Hong Kong angry over botched siege rescue

Hong Kong authorities have attacked their Philippine counterparts over the way they handled Monday’s bus hostage crisis in which eight tourists were shot dead

The hostages, all from the Chinese territory, died along with their kidnapper Rolando Mendoza in the capital of Manila.

Hong Kong chief executive Donald Tsang said: “This is very tragic and the way it was handled, particularly the outcome. I find it disappointing.”

Questions have been raised over how police failed to intervene and enter the bus before Mendoza, a disgruntled ex-policeman angry at being sacked from the force, opened fire.

Philippine President Benigno Aquino III said the move was “ a tactical decision.”

“If there was no immediate threat to the hostages then you will wait it out. Why force the issue? Why employ the final option as a first option? Why put the hostages at unnecessary risk?,” he told reporters.

In the former British colony, flags are hanging at half-mast for the victims while authorities have advised all Hong Kong people not to travel the Philippines.