Bout about to be extradited to US

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Bout about to be extradited to US

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Thai officials say the man suspected of being one of the world’s most prolific arms dealers will be extradited to the US on Wednesday.

Viktor Bout,43, – dubbed “The Merchant of Death” – faces four terrorism-related charges.

It comes after a court ruling last Friday that Bout should be extradited within three months.

It is claimed Bout supplied weapons to dictators and conflict zones in South America, the Middle East and Africa.

The head of a lucrative air transport empire, Bout claims he ran a legitimate business and has denied any involvement in illegal activities.

His story inspired the Hollywood film, “Lord of War” starring Nicholas Cage.

Bout’s wife Alla said her husband is determined to defend himself in a US court.

The extradition comes after two years of diplomatic pressure from Washington and is being seen as a success for the Obama administration.