Kaliningrad protesters urge Putin to quit

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Kaliningrad protesters urge Putin to quit

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Protesters have gathered in the Russian city of Kaliningrad to call on Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and his government to resign.

The demonstrators also demanded that the Kremlin reverse a decision to scrap direct elections for regional governors.

Boris Nemtsov of the opposition Solidarity party said “the wave of protests will continue until people get back their right to elections.”

“I think (they) will continue until Putin resigns, I think Kaliningrad is a locomotive of democracy in Russia,” he said.

The organisers said 3,000 people took part. Police put that number at 700.

As Russian president five years ago, Putin moved to centralise authority by scrapping elected governors in favor of presidential appointments.

Kaliningrad is wedged between Poland and Lituhania.

It was cut off from the rest of Russia when Lithuania became independent during the 1991 collapse of the Soviet Union.