UK govt's 'honeymoon' continues after 100 days

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UK govt's 'honeymoon' continues after 100 days

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One hundred days into office and it is so far so good, it seems, for Britain’s coalition government.

The honeymoon period for Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron and his Liberal Democrat deputy Nick Clegg appears to be continuing.

In a poll for the UK’s Guardian newspaper, 46 per cent of people said the new administration was doing a good job in running the country.

As for a panel of voters monitored by the British TV channel ITN before and after May’s election, feelings were mixed.

“I think it has gone quite well,” said one woman. It was never going to be an easy job. Nobody was ever going to be very popular on the back of fixing the economy. Nobody is happy with what has happened because nobody got the person they voted for.”

“They have done nothing for the working man or woman and I think that as we go further on into this government, I think things will get a lot tighter,” a man said.

Another added: “I don’t think things have been as bad as I was expecting originally.”

But storm clouds could be looming for Britain’s first coalition government since World War Two.
Trade unions have marked the anniversary by launching an attack on public spending cuts. It heralds a battle with the government in the autumn when it reveals where the axe will fall.