Iran threatens reprisals if west attacks reactor

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Iran threatens reprisals if west attacks reactor

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As Iran counts down the launch of its first nuclear power reactor, it has warned that any attack against it would receive a serious riposte.

It comes after a former US ambassador to the UN said Israel had only days to act against the reactor.

On Saturday a shipment of nuclear fuel is due to be loaded into the core of the plant, which Russia has helped to build.

The US and Israel have regularly refused to rule out an attack against Iran, believing it wants to develop nuclear weapons.

But President Ahmadinejad insists his country simply wants nuclear power to produce electricity.

John Bolton, a former US envoy to the UN, has warned that Israel only has ‘eight days’ to launch a military strike against the Bushehr facility.

He said any attack afterwards would spread radiation affecting civilians. But he added, he thought Israel had already missed its chance.

An Iranian fighter plane has reportedly crashed some 40 kilometres from Bushehr. The pilots ejected and there were no victims.

The Iranian authorities have vowed to reinforce security around the plant, fearing an attack from the west.