China mourns mudslide dead

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China mourns mudslide dead

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China held a day of national mourning on Sunday for the 1,200 people who died in a massive landslide last week.

Thousands of people gathered in Beijings Tiananmen Square to pay respect to those who lost their lives in the disaster that struck Zhouqu County in northwest Gansu province.

Flags flew at half mast and many public events were cancelled as a mark of respect.

One man told state television he hoped the survivors would be strong in the face of adversity.

“Chinese people are not afraid of any difficulties,” he said.

“Everybody should do something. We can either donate money or our strength. Everybody should contribute to help those in the disaster zone,” said another mourner.

Rescue workers also briefly downed tools to remember the dead.

Hundreds of homes were submerged when heavy rains triggered the mudlside a week ago.

The death toll currently stands at 1,239 people with 505 still missing.