First case of cholera in Pakistan flood disaster

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First case of cholera in Pakistan flood disaster

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The first case of cholera has been confirmed in the flood-ravaged northwest of Pakistan.

The UN said one person had been infected with the deadly, waterborne disease at Mingora in the Swat Valley.

Another 36,000 are said to be suffering from watery diarrhoea – one of the illness’s main symptoms.

Aid agencies say they are still to reach six million of the estimated 14 million people affected by the floods

One woman said her house was swept away and that she had nothing to eat. “I have nothing and am at God’s mercy,” she said.

Another man echoed a common complaint from the flood victims:

“No one came to help us, not even from the government. We’ve no food and we are fed up,” he said.

The government has been criticised for being too slow to respond to the disaster and relying on the military and NGOs to lead relief efforts.

The UN has launched a 460-million-euro appeal for funds but says billions more will be needed.
Its secretary-general, Ban Ki-Moon, is scheduled to arrive in Pakistan on Saturday night.