Child cops set good example in Spain

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Child cops set good example in Spain

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The long arm of the law has just got a little bit shorter and smaller with ‘kiddie cops’ helping to keep the Spanish streets of Cantabria safe.

Police in the town of Santona want their young reinforcements to set a good example to others, correcting adults’ misbehaviour.

Hence conversations as follows:

“Good morning sir. You must not cycle without a helmet,” a group of patrolling youngsters in uniform told a bare-headed man on a bike.

“Oops. I left it at home,” was his explanation.

“It is for your safety!” the junior patrol replied.

And there were no arguments from a man found not wearing a seatbelt behind the wheel.

“Okay. I am going to put it on right now,” he said.

With symbolic penalties and no fines actually paid, the exercise will continue throughout August.