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The 'fishy' pedicure that is 100 per cent natural

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The 'fishy' pedicure that is 100 per cent natural


It is surely the ultimate in natural beauty therapy. And you can do it in pairs, over a girly chat.

Welcome to the wonderful world of the fish pedicure, helping dead skin on your feet become a thing of the past. Plunge your tootsies into a tank and tiny Garra rufa fish like nothing better than to eat the dryness away.

“Obviously, this is all natural and organic and it is just a complete healing enzyme in their mouths as well as just nibbling away at the dry and hard skin that you create over the years,” said Samantha Lawrence, co-owner of a London beauty salon offering the treatment.

Her clients are the latest to take to a craze that seems to be conquering the world.

“It is a lovely treatment. It really is relaxing. It is just like putting your foot in a jacuzzi,” said customer Jan Cockle as she enjoyed a session.

The skin-healing properties of the Garra rufa fish were discovered in the 19th century in Turkey.

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