Briton becomes first man to walk the Amazon

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Briton becomes first man to walk the Amazon

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Making a splash and making history, an ex-British army captain has become the first man to walk the full length of the Amazon.

Ed Stafford celebrated with Gadiel Cho Sanchez Rivera, a Peruvian forestry worker who joined him for much of the marathon journey.

“Everyone told me I was crazy when I was doing this,” Stafford said after taking a dip in the Atlantic Ocean at a beach, northeast of the Brazilian city of Belem. “I have been told that I was going to be killed so many times, I can’t remember how many times. But I am not dead. I am here now and, yes, anyone can achieve what they want to achieve if they work hard enough.”

Starting at the peak of Mount Mismi in Peru, Stafford took 859 days to walk the length of the Amazon. But before the Brazilian coast beckoned, he faced all manner of horrors. He was wrongly accused of murder twice, chased by Indians with bows and arrows and had to deal with the local wildlife including scorpions and vipers.

But “50,000” mosquito bites later, it was all worth it. By keeping a blog, the Englishman has used his incredible voyage to raise awareness of the threats to the Amazon rain forest and its people.