Deadly flash floods sweep central Europe

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Deadly flash floods sweep central Europe

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Eight people have died in flash floods sweeping central Europe.

Four people drowned in the Czech Republic, three in Germany and one in Poland as torrential rains raised water levels in the area where the three countries border each other.

One thousand people had to be led to safety from areas below two dams threatened by rising waters.

The extent of the damage has shocked officials.

Vladimir Stribrny, the Mayor of the Czech village of Hermanice said: “We have several destroyed houses, the roads to the village are blocked, all bridges are destroyed, it will be very difficult to renew.”

Heavy rains in south-western Poland have cut power supplies and communications. Roads and bridges have been washed away.

Motorised army units have been mobilised to help rescue services search for stranded people.

In Germany, heavy rains have caused serious flooding in Saxony.

Three people drowned after becoming trapped as they tried to move furniture from a cellar in Neunkirchen near Chemnitz in the south-east.