Fidel Castro makes rare speech

Former Cuban President Fidel Castro has addressed the island’s parliament for the first time since he stepped down due to ill health four years


Toxic smog lays siege to Moscow

Health officials in Moscow are warning people to stay indoors and avoid the blanket of smog that has descended on the city as wildfires continue to

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wildfires in Russia

The wildfires in Russia keep spreading and gaining a larger area. Now 20 regions are burning, according to latest information, when the flames jumped

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Pakistan shelters

Hundreds of Pakistani families took shelter in a make-shift camp in the Nowshera district on Friday, after the worst monsoon rains in decades caused

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Train derailment in Italy

This morning around 11 o’clock. A local train left from San Giorgio a Cremano was heading to Naples and then derailed. The derailment caused so far 1