NATO strikes 'kill civilians'

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NATO strikes 'kill civilians'

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NATO strikes in Afghanistan are said to have killed more than 20 civilians in two separate attacks in the east of the country.

13 people were reported killed when US and Afghan forces raided a compound looking for a Taliban commander.

Troops came under attack and returned fire, killing several insurgents but also civilians according to the NATO-led force.

“If these infidels and crazies are not going to leave our country, we’re going to attack Jalalabad city and then there’ll be no governor or Karzai,” said Abdul Qadir, a relative of one of the victims.

The Afghan president has ordered an inquiry. The deaths came the day after NATO’s commander stressed the need to avoid civilian casualties.

The second attack apparently targetted vehicles carrying the family and body of a flood victim. Freshly dug graves in a cemetery are said to contain the bodies of those killed.