Aid arrives in flood-hit Pakistan

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Aid arrives in flood-hit Pakistan

Aid arrives in flood-hit Pakistan
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Aid has started to arrive in flood-hit Pakistan following the country’s worst monsoon rains in eight decades.

Supplies of food and medicine is starting to trickle through to the victims, but many remain in grave danger.

Some 1,600 people have died as houses and even entire villages have been washed away.

The government estimates a total of 12 million people have been affected.

The army has been called in to lead the search for survivors with several thousand still unaccounted for.

Earlier on Friday, authorities evacuated half a million people in the southern Sindh province as flood waters swept down from the north through into the nearby Punjab region.

Heavy rains started to batter northwest Pakistan over a week ago close to the border with Afghanistan.

Some of the displaced have found shelter in makeshift camps.

UN officials say many are lacking food and drinking water supplies.

Aid agencies warn that the risk of water-related diseases spreading is also very high.