Kyrgyz police and protesters clash as October poll looms

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Kyrgyz police and protesters clash as October poll looms

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Police and protestors have clashed yet again in Kyrgyzstan in the latest round of unrest to hit the Central Asian state.

The violence comes as thousands of demonstrators gathered outside the Kyrgyzstan parliament in Bishkek to show support for Urmat Baryktabasov

The regional leader has returned to the country to stand in elections after fleeing his homeland following a failed attempt to seize power in 2005.

Police blocked roads into the capital and fired tear gas to prevent supporters from his home town protesting in the capital.

Tension is high in Kyrgyzstan as landmark parliamentary elections are due to take place in October only weeks after the country’s worst ethnic bloodshed saw Kyrgyz mobs set about minority Uzbeks leaving hundreds dead.

Kyrgyzstan has been in the hands of the interim government led by Roza Otunbayeva since former President Kurmanbek Bakiyev was unseated in a bloody uprising in April.

Baryktabasov tried to take control before the presidential election of 2005 that saw Bakiyev elected.

After his coup failed he fled the county only to return once Bakiyev had been ousted.

Police say the politician is now under arrest.