Flying donkey lands in the Kremlin

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Flying donkey lands in the Kremlin

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A donkey which made headlines when it was launched by parasail from a beach in Russia has been rescued by a British tabloid newspaper.

Cameras were waiting as Anapka hoofed it to the Kremlin’s luxury stables.

First things first and a check up by the vet pronounced her fit and well.

The donkey went so high when a parachute harness was attached to her at the Azov sea resort that onlookers thought she was a dog.

It was done as a publicity stunt

“We were contacted by thousands of readers by email, by phone, by letters, sackloads of mail. They wanted us to do something, they wanted us to ensure the well-being of this animal and that’s why The Sun sent a rescue team out to southern Russia to secure that animal’s well-being.” said Gary O’Shea from The Sun newspaper.

Luxurious though her equine surroundings are, Anapka will not be staying in the Kremlin for long.

She will recuperate for a couple of weeks before being transported on to a permanent home in the UK.