Far-right in Dutch political deal?

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Far-right in Dutch political deal?

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In the Netherlands, fresh talks are underway between the leaders of the three parties planning to form a centre-right minority government.

It comes after the liberal VVD and the Christian Democrat CDA came in for heavy criticism for joining forces with the anti-Islam Freedom Party of Geert Wilders.

Critics say the parties would become political hostages to the Freedom Party’s cause.

Wilders said: “It is wrong to say that I will hold anyone hostage. This will be a worthwhile co-operation on the right of the political spectrum.”

The two parties would jointly hold 52 seats in the 150-seat parliament, well short of the majority needed to pass laws.

But with Freedom Party backing, they would have 76.

If the coalition plans succeed, the Netherlands’ politics would echo those of Denmark.

It also has a right-ring, minority government which often relies on support from the anti-immigration Danish People’s Party.