Bologna bomb victims still demanding answers

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Bologna bomb victims still demanding answers

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30 years after Italy’s worst peacetime bomb attack, victims groups are still demanding answers.

On August 2, 1980, 85 people were killed and more than 200 injured when suspected neo-fascist militants planted a bomb in Bologna’s main train station.

One woman at the anniversary commemoration said: “That day is still with me. I haven’t forgotten one moment of what happened. I’ve grown up with that being a part of me.”

The victims groups have criticised the government for not sending any ministers to the commemorations.

Paolo Bolognesi, president of a victims’ association said: “Ours has been a long battle against the passing of time, against the silence and the lies, against those who want us to forget.”

Even though a trial took place, which resulted in several convictions, victims groups are calling for the government to open all files on the case. This amid claims of a cover-up over who was really behind the atrocity.

At the station, a clock is permanently stopped at 10:25, the exact time of the explosion.

Some of the damage to the station has also been preserved as a memorial to the attack.