UK probes cloned milk claims

Authorities in Britain are investigating claims that milk from the offspring of a cloned cow has been on sale. Reports have emerged in the media of


Safer roads in Europe

The EU Commission has set the ambitious target of halving the number of deaths on Europe’s roads in the next ten years. But how does it intend to


Cuba eases economic controls

Faced with a battered economy, Cuba’s leadership continues to open the door to the private sector. Under new proposals more Cubans will be allowed


Cuba allows more self-employed

Observers say it could be a significant change to Cuba’s model of communism. Havana has announced that more Cubans will be allowed to work for

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Millennium jump in Croatia

The fourth Millennium Jump was held in Zadar despite the bad weather forecast. A smiley face formed by 1,000 people in the sea was the finale after


Rocket hits Jordan

A rocket, thought to be a Grad missile fired from outside Jordan has hit a hotels area in the port of Aqaba on the Red Sea. The interior ministry