Over 1,000 dead in flood ravaged Pakistan

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Over 1,000 dead in flood ravaged Pakistan

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More than 1,000 people are now known to have perished in floods in north west Pakistan and government officials fear the full extent of the devastation is yet to be revealed.

Large swathes of low-lying land remain submerged after the worst monsoon rains in living memory.

Rescuers are struggling to deliver relief supplies to tens of thousands of stranded people.

Where possible army convoys have been supplying food to aid distribution centres. Thirty thousand troops have been drafted in to assist the rescue operation.

The country’s disaster management authority says roads, bridges and whole villages have been swept away and there are concerns that many more deaths have not yet been reported.

Tariq Sheikh, a market trader from Nowshera said: “There was an entire market here. I had a storage area in the market. There were goods worth 300,000 rupees (approx 3000 euros) in there. All that is gone now. No-one has come here to enquire about our well-being, no official, no politician.”

With more rain forecast in the coming days, huge surges are now expected in the southern province of Sindh as the floodwaters expand.

Relief agencies are warning of the risk of water-borne diseases in the affected areas.