Gaza children set new kite flying record

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Gaza children set new kite flying record

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Thousands of Gazan children appear to have broken their own world kite flying record. More than 6,200 youngsters took part in the event organised by the UN.

However, the attempt must be confirmed by Guinness World Records before it can be classed a true world record.

‘‘Last week we went to the airport for bouncing and we broke a new Guinness Record and this week we came here to set a new world record by flying kites,’‘ said one child taking part.

The UN is running a series of events over the summer to lift the spirits of Gaza’s children, many of whom still bear psychological scars from Israel’s offensive on the Strip, which began in December 2008.

Israel recently eased its blockade on the impoverished territory, following international pressure in the wake of its failed raid on a Gaza bound aid flotilla.