Judge blocks Arizona anti-immigration law

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Judge blocks Arizona anti-immigration law

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A US judge has partially blocked Arizona’s controversial new immigration law. Several provisions are now out including the requirement for immigrants to carry their papers at all times.

The legislation, due to come into effect today, has been roundly opposed by the Obama administration. Human rights activists have also slammed the measure.

“My mother put it best years ago when she said the time to send people packing is before they’ve cleaned your house, cooked your food, taken care of your elders for 20 years, not after,” said Arizona resident, Tom Sjoberg.

The Republican controlled Arizona government said a tough law was needed to drive nearly half-a-million illegal immigrants out of the border state and stem the flow of human and drug smugglers.

Arizona’s Governor, Jan Brewer, says she will file an appeal to reinstate the provisions, which had popular support.

“This is obviously a bump in the road. We knew regardless of what happened today, of course that one side or the other was going to appeal, so this begins the process,” said Brewer.

State and local police, however, are divided over the law and enforcement of it may vary depending on the agency involved.

Thousands of people have demonstrated against the legislation, claiming it will lead to harassment of Latinos or Hispanic-looking Americans.