Italian police arrest 10 in anti-Mafia raids

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Italian police arrest 10 in anti-Mafia raids

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Italian police have arrested 10 suspected Mafia members in the latest blitz against the powerful Calabrian crime organisation, the ‘Ndrangheta.

In addition to mob association, the gang are accused of aiding and abetting fugitives.

Authorities also confiscated millions of euros worth of assets.

It follows the much bigger crackdown against the syndicate earlier this month. That saw some 300 alleged ‘Ndrangheta members arrested and weapons seized.

Codenamed ‘Robin Redbreast’, the arrests relate to a raid in Calabria a few years ago.

Video footage showed the moment police entered the bunker of two top Mafia fugitives, Gregorio and Giuseppe Bellocco. The hideout, only accessible via an electronic opening, was fully equipped with electricity and a hydraulic system.

The two cousins used the underground network until their arrest in 2005 and 2007 respectively.

It is during that time that Gregorio is alleged to have written and recorded a CD about the criminal group and its associates, which police are saying is a key piece of evidence in the latest arrests.