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Greece orders striking truckers back to work

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Greece orders striking truckers back to work


Greece has ordered striking truck drivers to go back to work with fuel shortages starting to hurt the country.

The government says the third day of the nationwide stoppage has caused serious disruption and they have accused the truckers of endangering public health by threatening supplies of food and medicine.

The truck drivers now must return to work within 24-hours or face arrest and risk losing their licences.

Thousands have been lining the highways since Monday to protest against plans to open the sector to competition, a key reform in a multi-billion euro EU/IMF debt rescue package.

The socialist government has managed to pass through some controversial reforms but not without a fight that has left many industries on the ropes.

Tourism, a key pillar of Greece’s 240-billion euro economy has been severely affected.

Last month also saw Greek seamen block ports and cruise ships from docking and there are no signs of an end to widespread industrial action.

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