Catalonia says adios to the matadors

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Catalonia says adios to the matadors

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Anti-bullfighting campaigners are celebrating their victory in the Spanish region of Catalonia.

The regional parliament has voted to outlaw the practice after years of fierce debate.

One campaigner outside said: “We’re very happy that reason and compassion has won against barbarism. We have been working for many years towards this. This is a triumph for the people of Catalonia.”

It is only the second Spanish region to introduce a ban, following in the footsteps of the Canary Islands.

The bill went to the regional parliament after a petition was signed by 180,000 people.

Bullfighting fans are furious.

“It’s disappointing,” said one. “I feel powerless, watching politicians make our decisions for us. Now we won’t have the right to watch a public spectacle that’s been around for a long time. Politicians have stolen that from us.

The ban in Catalonia is expected to come into force in 2012, when the last remaining bullring in Barcelona will be shut down.