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First 'full' face transplant patient appears in public

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First 'full' face transplant patient appears in public


A Spanish farmer who received what doctors claim is the world’s first-full face transplant has appeared in public for the first time.

31-year-old Oscar suffered the accident five years ago, leaving him unable to eat, speak or breathe properly. He thanked the medical team, the donor’s family and his relatives.

The operation took place four months ago in which Oscar received new facial skin, muscles, teeth, lips, cheekbones, a palate and a new jaw.

The donor’s nerves and blood vessels were also connected.

Head surgeon Joan Pere Barret, who claims it is a world first, said that the final results would be seen inside 18 months and that he expected to his patient to regain 80 to 90 percent of his facial functions.

On July 8, a team of Paris doctors said they had carried out the first-ever full face transplant because it involved replacing the patient’s tear ducts and eyelids.

Oscar said that he hopes to be able to take up fishing and hunting again once he makes a full recovery.

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