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Chicken advert pokes fun at French police

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Chicken advert pokes fun at French police


A company selling free-range chicken is poking fun at police in France. The slang term for a gendarme is ‘poulet’, the word for chicken in French.

Now poultry firm ‘Poulets de Loue’ has produced an eye-catching campaign featuring policemen with the slogan ‘a good chicken is a free chicken’. However, not everyone is seeing the funny side.

Nicolas Comte, a member of a trade union for police, said: “We, policemen are tired. We give everything on the streets and face numerous difficulties. At the same time, we are blamed for everything. Everyone points the finger at us. This is really the last straw.”

However, the company’s boss, Yves de la Fouchardière, says the advert is not meant to cause offence.

“I apologise to any police if they were shocked. It was not our intention. But I have also heard testimonies from lots of policemen who like the poster and even wanted me to send it to them,” he said.

Whilst there have been complaints from the country’s largest police union, it seems others are taking the campaign with a pinch of salt. A little bit of controversy might be a good thing for sales of the free-range birds.

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