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Holy Sunday ahead for Santiago de Compostela


Holy Sunday ahead for Santiago de Compostela

It is one of the world’s most famous pilgrimages, attracting tens of thousands of people each year.

For some it is about renewing one’s faith. Others are keeping a promise or simply testing their stamina while walking or cycling with fellow travellers amid the beauty of northwest Spain.

Whatever the reason, it is not for the fainthearted to make the long journey to the Cathedral of
Santiago de Compostela. But those who do follow the so-called Way of St James believe it is well worth a marathon trek, not least this weekend.

Pilgrims Jaime and Santiago explained that they wanted to come now because July 25, St James’s Day, falls on a Sunday this year. What is more, both their names are forms of the name James in Spanish.

A certificate of completion is the reward for those walking at least 100 kilometres or cycling double that distance.

A Holy Year is designated whenever St James’s Day falls on a Sunday as it does in 2010. Some 250,000 pilgrims are expected in the town tomorrow.