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Avignon Festival

Avignon Festival
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The Festival of Avignon is in full swing, with performances that range from Shakespeare to quasi-silent clowning. Richard II is being staged in one of the town’s most famous tourist attractions – The Palais des Papes.

Says director Jean-Baptiste Sastre: “I think theatre is just a game, its only a game. You can’t be afraid to be pretentious or whatever. What do I risk? At the worst everyone will say I’m bad, at the best, they’ll say I’m not too bad after all.”

The show has previous form at Avignon, having been staged at the very first festival 47 years ago. This year’s version is based on a new modern translation.

The fringe festival includes a production based on The Vagina Monologues, which has been adapted to be relevant to Muslim women, and re-titled The Veil Monologues.

The show plunges into the deep waters of sex, love, rape, menstruation, mutilation, masturbation, birth and orgasm. It has been a hit at Avignon.

The Taloche Brothers are comedians. They have been working together for 17 years.

Says Vincent Taloche: “Most people don’t know we’re Belgian because we don’t have strong Belgian accents and we don’t use Belgian references – we try to stay universal.

Says his brother Bruno: “We don’t make jokes about the current events, or Belgium… we try to stay international with our humour.”

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