Ukraine media increasingly censored, says watchdog

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Ukraine media increasingly censored, says watchdog

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Journalists in Ukraine are facing increased censorship says a leading media watchdog. Reporters without Borders claims it has seen a significant rise in the number of press freedom violations since President Viktor Yanukovich came to power in February.

Despite the latest concerns, some journalists do not think there will be a return to the bad old days prior to the ‘Orange Revolution’.

News Editor Roman Skrypin from Ukraine’s TVI channel said: ‘‘It’s no longer possible to bring all journalists to their knees in this country, as it was during the Kuchma presidency. Of course there’ll be a lot of publicity. The stronger the pressure or government disregard to this problem, the wider publicity there’ll be. And eventually it will affect authorities, it has to affect them, because this government, at least, declares it’s future and that of the country’s is within the European Union.’‘

Journalists recently held a protest in Kiev to highlight media intimidation. Despite the accusations, Ukraine’s government says it supports media freedom and is against censorship.