Scientists discover new 'monster' star

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Scientists discover new 'monster' star

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It may be in a galaxy far far away but scientists say they have found the biggest star ever identified.

Discovered in a cluster of other stars, this really is a master of the universe. Estimates give it a mass of more than 250 times that of our own Sun.

Named R136a1, the monster was discovered by a team of British scientists, using a giant telescope based in Chile.

For astronomers the staggering star is truly cosmic find.

Britain’s foremost broadcaster on astronomy Sir Patrick Moore said: ‘‘The reaction among astronomers is very interesting, there’s a limit to which a star can go before blowing itself to bits and this star, 250 times as massive as the sun, is not very far off that.’‘

It’s only when placed next to the earth and then the Sun that you really get a true idea of just how massive it really is – some 10 million times brighter than that of our own Sun.

Even more startling, data suggests at birth it may have been even bigger.

Until the discovery experts thought stars with such a mass weren’t possible, showing perhaps the more we find out about our universe the less we know.