ICJ to rule on Kosovo independence

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ICJ to rule on Kosovo independence

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Pristina’s ethnic Albanians have been living the reality of Kosovo’s self-declared nationhood since 2008 but today is crunch time when international law catches up with people power.

Kosovans and Serbs are waiting for the United Nations to decide whether the split from Serbia was legal – it is a ruling with global impact.

Kosovo Foreign Minister, Skender Hyseni said:
“ We are seeking recognition by Serbia of the facts and the facts are that Kosovo is a country recognised formally by so many countries around the world, and Kosovo will become a member of the international community at all levels.”

While 69 countries have recognised Kosovo as an independent state, Serbs living in Mitrovica still refute it and tensions remain high between the communities.

Belgrade maintains Pristina should resume talks over Kosovo’s status with Serbia.

Serbian Foreign Minister, Vuk Jeremic was adamant.

“ We are going to know, if in the future the borders of UN member states are going to be safe from secessionist ambitions, in other words we are going to know if the unilateral declaration of secession is a legal norm,” he said.

The UN court’s ruling is not binding but countries such as Spain and China with their own other separatist regions are looking to the Hague with concern.