European flight chaos set to end

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European flight chaos set to end

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After 24 hours of disruption, Europe’s latest air travel nightmare could be finally finished.

Flights in and out of France are expected to operate normally today, following yesterday’s strike by French air traffic controllers.

Fearing job losses workers staged the one day walkout in protest at plans to unify western European airspace under a single authority.

But that cut no ice with frustrated passengers.

‘‘We booked a flight to Mexico a few months ago. But now there on strikes. Apparently we might be transferred to another flight to Madrid but it’s not a certainty,’‘ one traveller said.

‘‘So far everyone keeps passing the buck. We’ve spoken to three different companies but none have found a solution for us,’‘ said another.

The knock on effect at the height of the summer season wasn’t just isolated to France. In Portugal, many passengers were delayed after flights were cancelled.

The strike is the third this year and despite France signing a deal that will seen a single airspace authority governing the whole of the EU, French air traffic controllers are threatening further action for September.