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Tibetan art in Taiwan

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Tibetan art in Taiwan

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An exhibition of Tibetan art has opened at Taiwan’s National Palace Museum called “Tibet – Treasures from the Roof of the World”.

The star attraction is a statue dating from the 17th century, called the “thousand hand Buddha goddess”.

Exhibition curator Lee Yu-Min said that the details on the statue were difficult to make, especially all the layers of hands. She added that the craftsmen who made it must have been very talented, and that the museum was very happy to be able to include the piece.

Another rare item on display is an 11th century statue of Maitreya, representing Buddha reborn. It is a clear example of the cultural interchange between India and Tibet.

In another room, Tibetan monks are demonstrating the art of painting with sand, dropping each grain into place with their fingers. The process is so tedious and time-consuming that they treat it as a form of meditation. It can be destroyed in seconds by a gust of wind – a reminder that nothing lasts forever.

The exhibition runs until 19th September.

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