Major gay pride march in deeply Catholic Poland

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Major gay pride march in deeply Catholic Poland

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It is being described as a landmark gay pride event.

A colourful parade has wound its way through Warsaw, the capital of staunchly Roman Catholic Poland.

It is the first time the annual EuroPride march has been held in a former eastern block Communist country.

While homosexuality is still largely taboo there, calls for same-sex partnerships to be legalised were made.

“You must be brave,” said one participant. “You can’t say something is impossible. You must make an effort to get what you want.”

“I am lesbian,” added another. “We are fighting for the right to get married.”

Police were on hand to provide security as counter-demonstrations were held. Opinion polls suggest around 80 per cent of Poles oppose gay marriage.

A number of eggs were hurled at gay pride participants and several arrests were made.

While the parade attracted far fewer people than in previous years elsewhere, the carnival atmosphere was alive and well.