Holiday hell as British operator goes bust

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Holiday hell as British operator goes bust

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Thousands of holiday makers have been left fuming following the collapse of a British tour operator.

Goldtrail travel went bust on Friday, leaving many of its customers summer plans in ruins.

At London’s Gatwick airport, people arrived, only to find out the news.

“It’s cost me a lot more money now. It’s about another five hundred pounds extra on the flights. I’m not going to be able to claim that back either, so that’s out of my pocket,” one man said.

Some 2000 people were due to travel with the Turkish and Greek specialists this weekend followed by a further 4000 next week. But, as many as 50,000 are set to lose their summer holiday after booking with the firm.

Around 16,000 people are already overseas with the London based operator. They are being told not to worry with Britain’s Civil Aviation Authority stepping into the breach.

Travel writer and expert Simon Calder said:’‘ “Order another drink, have another meal, your holiday is covered by the Civil Aviation Authority. They’ll be paying the bills, they’ll be organising the flights to get you home.’‘

The CAA has said flights to bring back holidaymakers from Turkey are expected to operate as normal. However, passengers travelling back from Greece could face changes to their journey.