No leak from Gulf of Mexico oil well, BP confirms

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No leak from Gulf of Mexico oil well, BP confirms

No leak from Gulf of Mexico oil well, BP confirms
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British oil giant BP has said there is no sign of any oil leaking from its rouge well in the Gulf of Mexico as further tests showed barely any pressure rising in the capped gusher.

For US President Barack Obama ‘good news’, but he continues to voice prudence.

“We won’t be done until we actually know that we’ve killed the well and that we have a permanent solution in place. We’re moving in that direction, but I don’t want us to get too far ahead of ourselves,” the US president said.

Easily said than done in the state of Louisiana, where recreational fishing waters immediately reopened following the news.

For many locals, relief that the nightmare could finally be coming to an end.

“I’m really glad that they shut that down. Hopefully the well cap holds and we can get this going and over with. We are ready to get this done with and start fishing again,” Local resident and clean up worker Ross Lytle said.

“Oh, we’re ready to get back to work and see what kind of damage we got, how many customers we lost, and, you know, get back in the game, you know, we’re ready to go,” said local fish plant owner Dean Blanchard.

A more optimistic mood but few are underestimating the scale of the job ahead.

With an estimated 80,000 barrels of crude a day spewing into the Gulf since April, it is not just the regions economy that has paid a heavy price.

The environmental cost has been massive, killing wildlife and covering hundreds of miles of precious wetlands and coastline in think brown crude.