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Cuban dissident: "Raul Castro can become the man who changes Cuba"

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Cuban dissident: "Raul Castro can become the man who changes Cuba"


Among the first to have arrived in Spain with their families is the Cuban dissident journalist Pablo Pacheco. He was one of those jailed for 20 years in the 2003 crackdown.

Always maintaining his right to freedom of speech, the Castro regime eventually accused him of working for the US.

Pablo Pacheco has been talking to euronews:

“The proof of my guilt according to the Cuban Government was me owning a 1950s typewriter, a tape recorder, pens, denunciations, a fax, white sheets of paper, books – the majority of them about journalism – a short-wave radio. And all this I had and they thought there’s the proof,” he said.

Enrique Barrueco, euronews : “Do you give any particular importance to the change in presidency from Fidel to Raul Castro?”

“I think yes, if Fidel Castro had been in power at this moment, this interview would not have been possible,” said Pacheco.

He continued: “I think Raul can become the man who changes things in Cuba, and takes steps to come out from under his brother’s influence, because I think Raul has been living his entire life in Fidel Castro’s shadow.”

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