Scientist 'has left US', says Tehran

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Scientist 'has left US', says Tehran

Scientist 'has left US', says Tehran
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The Iranian nuclear scientist who claims he was kidnapped by the US has left American soil, according to Iran’s foreign ministry.

Tehran says that Shahram Amiri is on his way to Iran via a third country.

He mysteriously turned up recently in Washington.
after vanishing more than a year ago while on a pilgrimage to Mecca.

Iranian officials said Amiri had sought refuge in Pakistan’s embassy though American officials denied he had ever been held against his will.

But Amiri insisted he had been abducted in Saudi Arabia.

“Some people told me they were part of a group of pilgrims going to a mosque and would be happy to take me too,” he said. “I went to get into the car but when I opened the door to get in, the person at the back put a gun to my side and said ‘be quiet and don’t make a noise’.”

Claims on American TV that Amiri had defected have never been confirmed. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the scientist had been in the United States of his own free will and was free to go.

In June, Amiri appeared in three videos giving conflicting stories about how he had arrived in the US.

In one, a man claiming to be Amiri said he had been kidnapped and tortured; while in another, a man also purporting to be the scientist said he was in fact studying in the US.