Netanyahu meets captured soldier's family

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Netanyahu meets captured soldier's family

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Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has met with the family of captured soldier Gilad Shalit.

The meeting took place in Netanyahu’s official residence in Jerusalem

Shalit’s parents plan to camp outside the premier’s office until the 23-year-old is released.

Netayanhu has vowed to free 1,000 Palestinian prisoners if Shalit’s captors, Hamas, release him.

But he has ruled out releasing high-profile militants as part of the deal.

“The issue is on the agenda but as we far as we and the rest of the family are concerned, we didn’t hear anything to calm us down or that would encourage us to end our campaign,” Father Noam Shalit told reporters.

Shalit was snatched by Hamas militants in the Gaza Strip four years ago.

They want some key people out of Israeli jails in return for his liberation.

A protest march organised by the young soldier’s family called on netanyahu to anything it takes to strike a deal.