Speculation abounds over US-Russia spy swap

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Speculation abounds over US-Russia spy swap

Speculation abounds over US-Russia spy swap
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Moscow and Washington are said to be planning a Cold War-style spy swap to end an espionage scandal.

Suspected Russian agent, 28-year-old Anna Chapman, is reportedly a candidate for the deal.

Alleged CIA operative and arms export Igor Sutyagin is now in Vienna, waiting to be handed over to the Americans.

Russia’s Kommersant daily said three other spies may also be freed in return for 10 suspected Russian agents held in the US.

The ten were picked up last month then jailed or placed under house arrest.

A court later denied them bail, arguing they were likely to flee.

An eleventh suspect is still on the run, Canadian national Christopher Metsos.

He skipped bail in Cyprus ahead of a hearing for extradition to the US to face money laundering charges.

American prosecutors say Metsos is the alleged spy ring’s paymaster, regularly visiting the US to deliver large amounts of cash.

Having arrived in Larnaca two weeks ago, he has reportedly fled to the Turkish Cypriot north of the island.

Northern Cyprus is only recognised by Turkey and has no formal extradition treaty with other countries.