Spain parties while Germans rue defeat

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Spain parties while Germans rue defeat

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July is fiesta time in Spain anyway… but when their team reaches the World Cup final for the first time, the result was a cacophony of celebration.

Madrid was not the best place to be if you wanted an early night’s sleep.

Cars drove through the streets with horns blaring, Spanish flags fluttered from the windows, and people hung out of windows screaming with delight.

The scenes prompted the question: will fans have any energy left to watch Sunday’s final against the Netherlands, never mind celebrate afterwards if Spain win?

By contrast Germany woke up to a sharp hangover after the euphoria of the previous wins over England and Argentina.

“I had the feeling that Spain had two players more than us,” said one supporter. “It didn’t matter where we played the ball, there was always a Spanish player waiting. They deserved to win and we can’t change it now.”

The match was torture for German fans, forced to suffer a repeat of the Euro 2008 final which also saw a 1-0 victory to Spain.

In time they can take heart from the fact that this young German side has great promise for the future.

But on the night the overwhelming feeling was one of frustration and disappointment.