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Higher temperatures on the way for Europe


Higher temperatures on the way for Europe

Europe is in the grip of a heatwave. From Moscow to Marseilles soaring temperatures are making the continent sweat. In the tourist magnet of Rome people are seeking refreshment where they can, and ice cream sales are going though the roof as people seek any way of taking the edge off the fierce heat.

It is the same story in Frankfurt, where temperatures were close to 30 degrees centigrade before midday. Their team may just have been knocked out of the world cup, but they will be coming back to a proper summer after the chill of the South African winter.

With night time temperatures not expected to dip below 25 degrees centigrade France has issued a heatwave warning for several regions, and temperatures in Moscow are eight degrees above average. There is no end in sight, and water availability in some areas is coming under severe pressure.